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Macedonian Performance Art at Museum Tinguely

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Hybrid Forms - Hybrid Practices in Performance Art is a short programme on Macedonian performance art at the Museum Tinguely, Basel.

Ana Lazarevska, Bodies of Water, 2018

Thursday, 14 July, 6 – 7pm

Visible / Invisible, performance by Ana Lazarevska

Friday, 15 July, 4 – 6pm

Late to the Party: Macedonian Performance on Video since the 1990s, talk and video programme curated by Jonathan Blackwood

Saturday, 16 July, 6 – 7pm

30 Ways of showing – Researching pointing out, performance by Natasha Nedelkova

Sunday, 17 July, 3 – 5pm

Round table discussion with Jonathan Blackwood, Natasha Nedelkova, Ana Lazarevska, led by Verica Kovacevska and Maricruz Peñaloza

Hybrid Forms - Hybrid Practices in Performance Art is organised by PANCH - Performance Art Network CH and curated by Verica Kovacevska and Maricruz Peñaloza. It is part of the larger exhibition BANG BANG - translocal hi:stories of performance art at Museum Tinguely.

This the first presentation of contemporary Macedonian art in a major Swiss museum, as well as in Switzerland in general. It is supported by the Südkulturfonds and the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.


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