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Virtual Reality Tour, 2014

The artist conducted a city tour of Winterthur in the fictional 2041.

Using iPads and virtual reality software, the tour showcased four landmark locations in the city and how they transformed over time.

For instance, an underground passage became a blind spot where residents could go offline, while the historic city centre featured buildings with artificial façades that consisted of living materials, namely bacteria. Furthermore, a former industrial complex was transformed into a vertical farm and connected to a residential building to make a sustainable neighbourhood, while a new media company portrayed flexible employment arrangements and more women in leadership positions.

The tour created possibilities for imagination, while critically examining the way we use cities today. In particular, it raised questions about sustainability - what would our future problems be in regards to food, energy, mobility and technology, and how could we solve those?

Winterthur 2041 was part of the Winterthur Urban Forum, an academic convention at the ZHAW about cities in the future.

(Photos: Roman Richers, 2014)

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