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Audio Guide, 2011

Other Possible Worlds – Audio Guide was created during a two week workshop at the Casino Luxembourg. The workshop took place in one floor of a former commercial building in Luxembourg, Center Emile Hamilius. The building was in a pre-demolition stage and so the floor (formerly occupied by an architecture company) was completely empty.

During the workshop the artist had intense conversations with the other workshop artists about their works. Based on these conversations, she recorded five soundtracks that would interact with five of the former office rooms, some of which displayed a colleague's artwork and some that were completely empty. The work linked the site, its history and the newly made artworks with the soundtrack to create five alternative realities within the space.

The soundtracks became a part of the exhibition Other Possible Worlds – Dictionary in Space. They were shown to the audience by means of traditional museum audio guides. The audience could therefore enter the number of the room and then listen to the respective sounds.

(Photos: Jessica Theis, 2011)

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