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Audio Guide, 1h / Video, 7:14min, 2022

Filling the Void is an audio guide that emerged from a research residency at Culture Hub Croatia in Split, during March of 2022. The work focuses on the beloved modernist building Kineski Zid - home to Culture Hub Croatia - as well as the neighbouring buildings designed by Frano Gotovac.

At its core, Filling the Void illuminates the rich history and significance of these structures while also exploring their untapped potential. Audience members are invited to discover, imagine and activate the spaces. 

The project caters to both locals and tourists alike and can be accessed via any mobile device. By placing a new landmark on Split's tourist map, Filling the Void adds another layer to the city's cultural landscape.

Since its launch in June during VOIDS 2022, Filling the Void has become a part of Culture Hub Croatia's permanent collection as well as an integral component of the surrounding community. 

(Photos: Ivana Filip, 2022)

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