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Performance, 9', 2016

In The Boat is Full the artist processed all audience members, delivering stamped cards with instructions - to wait outside or to take a seat in the gallery. Only a handful of them were chosen to stay inside.

The work displays Kovacevska's strong social engagement and concern with contemporary debates on identity, immigration, citizenship and diaspora. 

In the summer of 2015, Macedonia unwittingly found itself at the centre of the global refugee crisis, being a key country on the route of desperate displaced people from the Middle East seeking sanctuary in central and Western Europe; in parallel, The Boat is Full sought to deal with the human consequences of refugee status, of diaspora, of the often arbitrary decisions made on inclusion and exclusion and the life changing consequences that these can have.

The Boat is Full was part of LEGS Zürich, a performance event at Corner College.

(Text: Jon Blackwood; Photos: Urs Schmid, 2016)

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