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Video Performance Series, 2003 - 2010

Forced Actions is a series of video performances

that start with simple actions and rapidly descend into a chaotic world of gestures and language where behavior spins out of control.

Each video within the series was filmed in a different living room which the artist occupied whilst living abroad. Thus, most of the topics explored in Forced Actions refer to the artist's desires, private obsessions and the challenges of integrating into a new society.

The project was presented as a whole in 2011/2012 by re-creating a living room in the National Gallery of Macedonia. The Forced Actions videos were displayed together with specific elements used in the performances. The audience was invited to inspect these items and to watch the videos in a seemingly relaxed atmosphere.

Forced Actions includes I Must Be (2003), Foodforcing (2003), Daddy Makes Me Sad (2004), The Smile (2004), Time is Up (2010), and Anti-Wrinkle (2010).

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