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Artist book, 2020

Across the Atlantic is an artist book that examines the large contrasts in the urban fabric of Brooklyn as a result of the ongoing gentrification.


It includes photographs, hand-drawn maps and essays by Verica Kovacevska and Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss. The book focuses on the area along Atlantic Avenue, one of Brooklyn's main arteries, running across the entire borough.

At a time when the United States sits at a crossroad, many of its pressing issues, such as housing, inequality, and racial injustice, are at the heart of this book. 

Across the Atlantic is published by Revolver Publishing (Berlin) and can be ordered online. 

Berlin 2020, 84 pages, 18 folded pages, 18.0 x 21.0 cm, soft cover, perfect binding, offset printing, colour, English 
ISBN 978-3-95763-484-9

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