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Audio Walk, ca. 30', 2019

Dual Reality is an audio walk created in collaboration with visually impaired residents at the Stiftung Mühlehalde in Zurich.

The walk is based on the artist’s interviews with the residents and describes their experiences  when walking in public space. 


The work is accessed via an app, VoiceMap, which uses the smart phone's location to play audio automatically at the right time and place, allowing each visitor to experience the work individually, at their own pace.


Dual Reality bridges the gap between sighted and nonsighted persons. Despite the presence of the Stiftung Mühlehalde in District 7, people with visual infirmity are not sufficiently integrated into the neighborhood and the city in large. Their knowledge and understanding of public space could be integral in helping us create more inclusive neighborhoods.

Dual Reality was part of the About Us! festival and is now permanently on display at the Stiftung Mühlehalde. 

Concept and Realisation: Verica Kovacevska; German Translation and Voice: Daniel Mezger; VoiceMap Advisor: Gary Morris; Stiftung Mühlehalde Co-ordinator: Severin Liechti.

(Photos: Sava Hlavacek, 2019)

Dual Reality Extract (DE)
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