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Filling the Void - Audio Guide

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Filling the Void, video: Video: Blanka Kicsak

My new work Filling the Void will be launched on Saturday, June 4, 5-10pm at [PROSTOR], Split (HR).

All you need to do to discover the neighbourhood in a new way is to take a map from the Info Desk at [PROSTOR] and bring your own smartphone and headsets. The map will take you to different places where you will find QR codes that you can scan and listen to an audio about that specific spot.

Filling the Void is an audio guide created after a short research residency at [PROSTOR] in March 2022. The work focuses on the modernist building Kineski zid where [PROSTOR] is located, as well as its surrounding buildings.

The work is produced in the framework of the project Voids 2022 - artistic interventions in public space - organised by Culture Hub Croatia, and is part of the permanent collection of [PROSTOR].


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