Kineski Zid (working title)
Audio Guide, 2022

Kineski Zid is an upcoming work, which is a result of a short research residency at [PROSTOR] (Split) in March 2022. 

The residency focused on Frano Gotovac’s modernist building Kineski Zid, where [PROSTOR] is located. It was organised by Culture Hub Croatia and is part of Voids, an art programme in public space, which highlights issues of mass tourism and local history.

My on-site research focused on the architecture and the movement it provokes, while also having conversations with architects, decision-makers and neighbours, who shared their experiences.


My own impressions were translated into drawings, photographs, texts and small performative acts, which will serve as the basis for the upcoming work.

(Video: Blanka Kicsak, 2022)