The Phone Box Project (2004), public actions (20min-6h) / video (11min)
Exeter, Great Britain

The Phone Box Project is a series of playful and participatory public actions executed in many phone boxes in Exeter, UK. The content of the actions varied from leaving information in phone boxes to using them as an observation place and performing walks, the route of which was determined by strangers on the phone.

In each of the actions, the artist transformed the phone box into a space for making and exhibiting art, meeting other people, obtaining useful information, and navigating through the city – reversing its role from a public to a private space and vice versa.

The project was documented by video, which - apart from showing the various actions mentioned above - discussed the artist’s endeavour and struggle to include the public in her work, and raised questions about certain behavioural patterns such as vandalism of public property and xenophobia.