From the Family Album (2015-2016)
Skopje, Macedonia / Basel, Switzerland

From the Family Album restages old family photographs in the same or a similar setting.

The work portrays several generations of the artist's family and shows how certain places or objects have potentially changed over time.

For instance, one piece shows the artist and her mother in 1983 and the artist and her daughter in 2015 standing on the same balcony. A thriving park is seen in the background, a leftover from earlier urban planning and today a rare green oasis in Skopje. Another work shows the artistís husband in 1976 and the artistís daughter in 2016 peeking through a Lozziwurm, a playground tunnel. While the first picture was taken at an actual playground, the second was taken in the Kunsthalle Zurich, during an exhibition dedicated to innovative and no longer existent architectural objects at playgrounds.

From the Family album reflects on our fascination with old photos and the world of nostalgia in popular culture today.