Everyday Art, Art of the Everyday (2005-2006), one-year project
Skopje, Macedonia

In this one-year project with a previously determined timeframe (03 January 2005 – 03 January 2006), the artist meticulously, and often obsessively, described what happened each day of the year and what her thoughts on it were. She illustrated different situations in her life, noted her mundane rituals, and discussed current topics.

Often humorous and (self-)critical, these texts not only observed and analysed the environment we live in, but also presented a self-reflection which everyone could identify with.

The everyday methodical and mechanical 'making of art' was also a form of research into the relationship between art and everyday life, raising two key questions: “Can the creation of art be a routine and disciplinary everyday activity?”, and “Is everyday life a continuous art performance?”